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Welcome to Yarra Valley Ballet

We love to teach classical ballet.
So if you love to dance, make an enquiry with us today.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior dance instruction to participants from every walk of life, inclusive of all ages, genders and abilities.

What We Do

Being a part of Yarra Valley Ballet brings students into a community that operates with passion, integrity, openness and commitment to the well-being of each student.

Upon meeting each student and their family, we make a recommendation for class placement that a) meets your goals, and b) suits the technical and social needs of the individual student. 

Throughout the year, we monitor the progress of students and their class.  We make recommendations for extension or raise concerns with you immediately to ensure each dancer gets the most out of their classes.

All our teachers use a strengths-based approach in the classroom.  This means we focus on the positive aspects of a student's character or technique, whilst working on areas of weakness in the background.

We would love to welcome You to our school.

Please call us or send an email enquiry so that we can discuss your needs and requirements and provide a recommendation for a trial class and/or class placement.



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