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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Trial Classes?

Yarra Valley Ballet offers trial class in Term 1 and 2 only, at the normal cost of the class.


Alternatively, we welcome you and your child to observe one of our classes in progress so that you may gain an understanding of our class structure and environment.

This approach ensures that our currently enrolled students continue to learn and focus in a stable environment, and new students benefit by knowing what to expect before they commence studies with our school.

It is also helpful to be aware that new students sometimes take three or four classes before they integrate as part of the group and follow the pattern and structure of the lesson. 

If you wish to attend a trial or observation class, please contact us to make a suitable time.

Why do you limit class sizes?

We aim to limit our class sizes to 10-12 children per class, depending on the individual personalities within each group.

This ensures that the teacher has the best opportunity to provide individual instruction and correction, and children have the best opportunity to learn.

Are Parents allowed to stay to watch classes?


We prefer that Parents drop their dancer and leave for class time.  As a general rule, we find that students focus more easily when parents are not present.  We also find that students are more likely to form a stronger bond with their teacher and classmates when they are permitted the opportunity for independent learning.

If your child experiences severe separation anxiety we encourage parents to remain in the classroom initially, then gradually find a way to detach over the course of the term.  By the end of Term 2, we request that all parents have found a way to depart from the classroom after drop off.

When can students begin pointe work?

The answer to this question is highly dependent upon the individual student.

It is recommended that students are at least 12 years of age before they commence pointe work, to allow sufficient time for the bones in the foot to stabilise.  This does not mean that when a child turns 12 they will automatically commence pointe work.

Students must also have sufficient strength and mobility throughout their body, and particularly so in the toes, feet, ankles, knees and core.  Students wishing to undertake pointe work must undertake 6-12 months of pre-pointe training to ensure their body is ready to support them en pointe.

All students wishing to commence pointe work must have a Pre-Pointe Assessment with a registered physiotherapist.  YVB recommends Bellbird Sports & Spinal in Blackburn, Vic (

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