Our Philosophy

Yarra Valley Ballet believes that children experience optimal learning when their environment is safe, nurturing, team-oriented, and fun.

Our Children's Program covers the practical study of classical ballet and other forms of dance, but also includes lesson components that address:

  • Positive Self Attitude

  • Mindful Body Conditioning

  • Nutrition

  • Personal Goal Setting

  • Dance Theory & History

  • Professional Networking

  • Auditioning

  • Career Exploration and Planning

Classical ballet is the primary focus of our school, however we offer additional classes in complimentary styles including Jazz, Contemporary and National Character.

Secondary Students can elect to progressively advance their studies or pursue dance in a more recreational fashion.  Recreational dance is designed for students who wish to dance without the pressure of examinations, multiple classes per week, and/or a high pressure competitive environment.

YVB's Adult School fosters joy, creativity, collaboration, friendship and life-long learning.  We offer a professional, yet inclusive working environment, where you are encouraged to ‘check out’ of your everyday life and manifest a little you-time magic.  

Performance Opportunities

Dance is a Performing Art and we strive to give our students opportunities to shine during the year.  We provide a traditional theatre experience on a bi-annual basis, alongside community performances that encourage collaboration and adaptability.

Theatre Events

Each year we hold two theatre events.  Our first theatre event takes place at the end of Term 2 and is an informal theatre presentation.  Students are introduced and guided onto the stage, the curtain remains open throughout and lighting is simple and unrefined (ie, no blackouts).  The purpose of this event is to ease students into the feel of the theatre, build confidence and encourage positive anticipation for future performances.

Our second theatre event is a fully costumed, stage-lit, curtained and formal performance.  This event takes place towards the end of Term 4, in late November/early December.  This performance represents the culmination of the years work and is usually a highlight of the year for teachers and students alike.

Community Events

Students of Yarra Valley Ballet perform annually at the Yarra Glen Christmas Carols.  This event takes place in mid-late December and is a casual, relaxed atmosphere - a bit of a last hurrah before we head into holidays.

YVB continues to keep an eye out for performance opportunities and welcomes your input or invitation to perform at a public venue or event.

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Examinations / Assessments

Effective from 1st July 2020 and in response to Covid-19, Yarra Valley Ballet will be offering students the opportunity for in-house examinations during 2020 and 2021.

Students will be invited to present their usual classwork to a panel of three teachers, following which they will receive a detailed written report.  We are aware this is not a traditional or customary approach, however, having clear motivational goals at this time is both meaningful and necessary to ensure ongoing inspired learning.

In-House Examinations give students the opportunity to:

- build self-confidence and composure from an early age,

- help manage nerves and/or anxiety in pressured situations, without the pressure feeling insurmountable,

- strengthen peer relationships as students learn how to support one another during challenging experiences,

- receive multiple streams of feedback (rather than feedback from just one examiner),

- discuss feedback if required (not available via external examination).

Fee Information is currently under review and will be available shortly.

Future external examinations may be offered through the Ballet Conservatoire (formerly known as the Australian Ballet Conservatoire). Website: http://www.acbaustralia.com.au

"Being a Dancer will never end, because the lessons you learn in the studio stretch a lifetime."


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