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BLACK Resistance Band

  • A Resistance Band is a no-impact total-body aide that helps to:

    • build strength and stability in the upper body, including back, arms & shoulders;
    • build strength and stability in the lower limbs, including hip flexors, external rotators, hamstrings, inner thighs and calves;
    • enhance core strength;
    • build ankle strength, stability and range of movement;
    • build foot and metatarsal (toe) strength, stability and range of movement;
    • maintain correct alignment and access small muscle groups when stretching.


    This is Black Resistance Band, it is the highest resistance.

    Length: 2 metres


    Note: If you require a longer or shorter band, please send us an enquiry.

  • Product can be mailed at a cost of $5.00 +GST.  Local pick up also available.

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